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So if anyone thinks FDM would be a cheap alternative they are misguided. Who organises Club Luier?

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As they were approaching the door swung open and three witches emerged into the sun. Hermione leaned to Lily's ear. Past cafes were women took coffee of tea, past shops that sold wands and cauldrons and owls and other magical pets, past windows were broomsticks were on display among other Quidditch gear.

Roses are for those of ambitious spirit, Lilies are for those who long for friendship and peace, and Violets are for those of passion. She plucked a stem and lifted it up. Usually after someone calls Hermione a mudblood.

Hermione's hand was between Lily's legs and she rubbed at her and probed into her wetness until Lily gasped and climaxed in her arms. Salem, home of the Salem Institute for Witches. Hermione had to blush.

The two other blondes scurried after her. Good thing the cubicle was silenced. They bought a broomstick each and Lily was hardly out the door before she hopped onto her brand new Artemis Arrow and zipped directly upward with a squeal of delight.

Pansy smirked and glanced haughtily at Lily and her friends before swaggering away to join the girls of House Rose. The store was filled with rows and rows of broomsticks of every size and model and with an entire range of Quidditch equipment.

I can't wait to get my hands on the latest Arithmancy texts. A small smirk even crossed her lips as she gazed into the mirror at her black and scant reflection.

Ginny smiled at them as they continued up the stairs.