Kim Min Jong And Yoon Jin Yi Kim Min Jong And Yoon Jin Yi

Yoon jin yi and lee jong hyun dating, featured post: drama check-in 08/01/2018

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Yoon asks for her autograph, and even starts dancing to some of SNSD's songs. Episode 18 The 4 are in Yoon's car stopped at a red light singing " Hotel California ," when they're hit from behind by a young man whom they believe is driving his father's car.

As they finish up their calls, the young man also makes a call. The game starts, the four guys make a lot of mistakes, they're out of breath As they're chatting, they see a woman wearing a very short mini-skirt, so their eyes are drawn to her.

Tae-san goes to the gym, but ends up smelling the guy beside him because the guy just finished smoking; Yoon eats sweet stuff like waffle sticks and lollipop, but ends up treating the waffle stick as a cigarette; Jung-rok chooses the NC method; Do-jin grows plants, but ends up plucking all the leaves from the plants and crushing them in a pot, with a 'cigarette' in his mouth.

She is Kim Eun-hee, the four guys' first love.

Yoon jin yi and kim min jong

Yoon and Tae-san mock him, saying how can a guy care so much about his looks. They argue about who is the best, with Jung-rok interrupting the conversation several times saying that Taekwon V is the best.

After the drama finishes, Jung-rok comes home and asks what happened but they refuse to tell him. Do-jin comments in his narrative that when they were young, they hated older men who did things in a roundabout way. The 4 assume that he's also going to make a fake call.