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There are many elements in this story which do not contribute to the ending at all and many characters serve almost nigerian americans dating purpose. I think it would have worked fine with only 4 chapters instead of 10 as a lot of what happens between Chapter 2 and 7 is more or less filler.

One day on her way to meet up with her friend, Tsukumo is attacked by a mysterious slasher. Yao asks a simple request from Tsukumo: The drama between the two involving the original Tokijiku, who Yao loves, is also kind of interesting but is a mostly addressed during what I think could have been taken out of the story altogether.

His motives are never explained and the only thing they ever tell you is that it's because of "karma. The characters' eyes are drawn strangely as well as they are just 3 or 4 circles surrounding where their iris should be. Yao tells Tsukumo can you see where the title comes from yet?

The art is very dark and tries a little too hard to make characters look dark even when they are supposed to be good. While the plot is not really that bad overall, there are many things in this 10 chapter manga which I think could have been removed. Tsukumo is a fairly good female lead. The character designs are simple Tsukumo looks similar to Yui from Yumekui Merry and several other characters I can think of.

And lastly, the god is just your typical supernatural, mediocre villain. She doesn't always sit on the sideline while Yao saves her in fact Yao is actually pretty weak and instead saves him a couple times.

Yao (yaotsukumo)

She is barely saved by an immortal boy who she met years ago, named Yao. It gives kind of a demonic feeling to some of the characters who are supposed to be human. It's a little similar to Nabari no Ou, but not as good, and I really believe that over half of this story could have been removed, and it would not have affected the ending at all.