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Pins on the drum are set in rows at different distances so that placing the contact on the slider can select different time intervals and thus different intervals between contact closures 12 Colored papers Description: For him the world was a conforming development of the soul—of the divine world will.

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In his first works he set forth a plan for the development of physiological psychology as a special science, using the methods of laboratory experimentation to isolate the elements of consciousness and elucidate the laws governing their interconnections.

This hand-held apparatus was used to rotate stimulus disks with differing proportions of two or more colors to demonstrate the principles of color mixing.

German psychologist, physiologist, philosopher, and linguist. You can use PowerShow. Wundt was a professor of physiology at Heidelbergand he became a professor of philosophy at Leipzig in There is truly something for everyone!

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And, best of all, most of its cool features are free and easy to use. It is the will that directs the attention and is at the basis of the creative synthesis that leads to the construction of knowledge 14 Projective tests such as the Rorschach and the TAT are based on the concept of apperception.

Disks which demonstrate other color and lightness phenomena, such as Mach bands are included in the catalog 8 Wirth's mirror tachistoscope Description:

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