World Government (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) World Government (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

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What is our responsibility to our fellow human beings? Global warming, ozone depletion, rising sea levels, soil erosion, habitat destruction, species extinction, drug, pesticide, plastic and petroleum toxins in groundwater, pollutants in the air, landfills and oceans, deforestation, etc.

The Economic History Review, Continued use of nuclear energy is poisoning the planet.

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The first and most important question to ask yourself is, "Who are you? As we consider our universal rights on this 68th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10th, we should consider how more than 75 million of us do not receive universal respect for our rights.

These refugees wonder, "How can I get out of this camp? You are what you make of it. He became a bomber pilot set on destroying Hitler's war factories.

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Other countries' governments may feel no obligation to assist those people without a country. While considering standards of living, we must also be mindful of how the priority of continuous economic growth, and its concomitant resource usage, negatively impacts the environment.

The experience of the world wars thus made it especially difficult to view states as agents of moral progress. Sanity requires human government -- world citizens' government.

Sociological classifications of religious movements

More than 80 declarations, treaties and multilateral conventions have been ratified over the past 75 years in an effort to protect various aspects of the environment. Rights and duties must be linked to the individual, not to a nationality.

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Nuclear war would be genocide of humanity. Or is it more than that? People will less feel the need to take violent action when there are legal forms of redress available to everyone locally, regionally and globally.

Wallis asserts that cults emerge from the "cultic milieu.