How old must a child be in order to testify in court? | Bonnie Sudderth's Blog How old must a child be in order to testify in court? | Bonnie Sudderth's Blog

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While you are waiting for your case to be called, be attentive, quiet, and respectful.

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It is helpful to have a seriously damaged physicall and emotionallly, seriouly hurt child who really draws world, not just jury sympathy AND with a lot of expert witnesses in rare agreement well supported by really good investigation and interviews, and impecable credentials. Thus, do not ask other witnesses about their testimony and do not volunteer information about your own testimony.

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He has that right if he wishes to exercise it. Do not volunteer information that is not actually asked for.

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No age defined There is no legally mandated minimum age. At what age can a child testify in court?

Testifying In Court?

Our mission is to work with our clients to identify the client's objectives, and then to aggressively pursue those objectives. To provide trustworthy evidence to courts, the legal system requires that all witnesses who testify in court must be competent.

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What is the youngest age a child can testify in family court? You cannot remake the facts of your case.

Every true fact should be readily admitted. If you do not understand the question, ask the attorney to repeat the question.