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Given that the current borders are effectively based on population numbers fromthis is not terribly surprising. Wards 1, 2, and 6 in Etobicoke retain the exact same boundaries.

Boundaries in Dating

More From council watch. Consultant Beate Bowron goes through the Etobicoke York district one ward at a time.

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Boundaries will shift elsewhere to better capture equal populations. As it stands, the most populous district Ward 23 Willowdale has about twice as many residents as the least populous Ward 18 Davenport and Ward 29 Toronto-Danforth. The next round, to be held in March and April ofwill focus on getting feedback on boundary options.

Natural boundaries — Reduces the number of wards to 44 and redraw the boundaries using natural physical barriers, such as rivers, expressways and major roads.

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The new wards are designed to last for four election cycles, and will be re-drawn again in time for the election. On December 1 of this year, when the — term of City Council begins, we'll have 47 wards.

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It's been this way since The average ward population was estimated to be just under 61, last year, going up to almost 74, by If Toronto were to keep its existing boundaries, only 17 wards would meet that standard byaccording to the report.

You can have lots of relationships with people of both sexes to grow up. This month, after consultations at public meetings and with sitting councillors, the consultants are recommending 47 wards, up from the current You can also fill out the survey online.

Ward boundaries shift in Etobicoke and Scarborough, but both retain the same number of wards, with similar boundaries.

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