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Also, you need to make the tense consistent throughout you've been telling the story using the present tense so far.

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She is fed-up on rutine so she tries to commit suicide. It doesn't deal with any really "important" topics, but is easy to read, and if you are interested in learning Spanish, this book could be a great help.

That is, getting out of your routine and being yourself. Here in the hospital, she finds out that there is much more to live for than she thought. I think this is what you meant. Most people wait to something really bad happen before they start taking care of their lives.

Did you mean that each of them had a unique outlook on life? Now that death awaits her, she decides to live. He and Veronica are so much alike. Present tense again, to stay consistent with the tense you've chosen for your narrative.

And love is what makes her change her mind. I would highly recommend reading this book. And here we come to what this book is all about: The key to enjoy life is to live your own life.

The key to enjoying life is to live your own life. Which means that nobody knows how worthy something is until this thing is about to vanish into the air or to simply be gone. She starts to live every single day as it was the last one.