Advice hooking up TV, DVD/VCR, cable, & stereo receiver - Advice hooking up TV, DVD/VCR, cable, & stereo receiver -

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How to Hook Up a DVD/VCR Player & Satellite Box to an LCD TV

The only coaxial would be the sattelite signal from the dish to the sattelite receiver. When it comes to how many speakers? Here are some diagrams on how to connect the components together. A complete Dolby Digital signal outputs a frequency range of 20Hz to 20,Hz, the subwoofer will output only 20Hz to Hz.

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It consists of five discrete speakers 5 plus a subwoofer. Composite cables rely on three cables; the red and white cables transfer the stereo audio channels, while the yellow cable transfers the video.

This varies with each VCR. It will deliver the highest picture quality from an analog source.

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There should be three, or six plugs two, or four if you have a mono VCR Plug the Yellow chord into the yellow input socket, and be sure it's not plugged into the output socket. From Diagram 4 it would incorporate speakers: What do you need for a Home Theatre system?

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The same layout from Diagram 3 is being used as the model. Do likewise with the White chord, and if you have a red plug do the same.

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These are plugs that are red, white and yellow. You have easy two options. How do you hook up a DVD player to an older tv?

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Directions from my grandson: