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Before Adonis Creeds, he was Rocky's first apprentice, but after George Washington Duke paid him to work for him, he became Duke's tool of making money.

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Highlights, Colour, or Camo. Where that dough at? He is only failed student of Rocky so far as Rocky managed to correct his mistake with Adonis Creeds.

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Let's go back, I sold crack Hold gats, smoke that, drink that, toke that [bad word] 33; Where that ho at? After the fight, Tommy said goodbye to boxing for good. Duke finally allowed Tommy what he wanted: Rocky tells Tommy he cares about him more than George Duke ever will.

Contents [ show ] Rocky V Tommy Gunn was a young fighter from Oklahoma, who came to Philadelphia to seek out a down-and-out Rocky Balboahoping for a chance to be taught boxing greatness from the man himself.

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Great for treating scalp ailments such as hair loss and dryness. Tommy still gets up and charges at Rocky. Ready to enter the Army. Check-in now with our app and we'll let you know when you're next! A bystander asks Tommy for his autograph.

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He was a boxer and former world heavyweight champion.