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This film is more about people whohave faced certain facts and settled into lives along the underbelly ofLos Angeles.

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I've been to strip clubs admittedly in theUKso maybe it's a cultural thing and the girls are usually bright eyed andchirpy, with plenty going on outside of their line of work.

The actors started with only two things: Nico is obviously the girl who really does thisstuff for a living.

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But Jasmine realises the fledgling romance is doomed. But don't let that put you off.

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I must disagree as I think it worked very well. If you were a fan of the great 80's group, Echo andthe Bunnymen, as I was, you'll never hear their hit, 'Lips Like Sugar'quite the same way after Nico works with it.

However, these things are easily overlooked as they arepainted in such a realistic manner. Bauer is the same lady who played Jerry Seinfeld's entirely mainstreamgirl du jour in the 'Man Hands' episode, but it is.

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The second intance is longer, and is genuinelyheartrending. They were allmaking a bloody good wage too, which certainly seemed to put smiles ontheirfaces!

It'sinteresting work and is considerably more than the soft-core porn forwhich it might be mistaken. The regular dancers all tend to mime various stages of sexualinvolvement as part of their individual routines; no such nonsense forNico.

But Jasmine can't be happy because her triumph is simplymore proof of her, apparently, terminal weakness and lack of belief inherself, as well as the hate of what that lack has made her.

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But the real depth resides in Canadian actressSandra Oh's Jasmine whose character, away from the pole, is a giftedpoet in deep mourning for the dead end which her life, due to a lack offaith in her gift, is approaching.