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At last the whole crowd descends on the front porch of Mel's true biological parents, Richard and Mary Schlichting. Pop the big bubble, but on the way it's a gas.

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While The Naked Truth mined TV laughs out of tabloids, After taking a turn for the serious as a reporter in the first asteroid blockbuster Deep Impact, Leoni then took a break from acting to focus on her family. Charges are dismissed, and Fritz Boudreau tells Mel that he is not Mel's father, but only handled Mel's adoption because Mel's biological parents were indisposed.

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She returned to movies in with a charming performance as Nicolas Cage's beloved in the syrupy dramedy The Family Man, and subsequently kept busy with a string of roles in such big-budget features as Jurassic Park IIIFun with Dick and Janeand Tower Heist Mel's adoptive parents arrive but then change their minds and decide to leave, taking the wrong car.

But on the way there is one funny gag after another. Meanwhile, Nancy becomes jealous as Tina and Mel begin to flirt.

They attempt to escape and decide to take Mel's car, hiding their supply of acid in the trunk. And you'll finish thinking it's a pretty stupid movie. Russell's excellent screwball comedy Flirting With Disaster Mel's adoptive parents are arrested while his biological parents escape to Mexico.

The man, Fritz Boudreau, turns out to be a trucker with a violent streak. She returned to television in with Madam Secretary.

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