Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir outfit tracker:PyeongChang edition | IGN Boards Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir outfit tracker:PyeongChang edition | IGN Boards

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There's no other way to put it. He describes figure skating using wonderful and unexpected phrases like "bumper car action. Widely considered to be the United States' best hope to win one of the team competitions, he fell, failed to complete one of his rotations and scored an The episodes weave through a full range of emotions.

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Featuring Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkleyas well as Shaq and Kenny Smith, episodes take on a dramatically different tone, depending almost entirely on the type of game that was played immediately prior to the broadcast. As a viewer, I would prefer to hear the truth, not some nicey-nice, overly optimistic slant on the truth.

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It's not the job of professional commentators to be nice. Last night was mostly a bloodbath. It was a mess, and Nathan Chen was a big part of that.

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It's the job of a commentator to contextualize what's going on. So, when everyone is performing better than expected, we should expect to hear lots of positive statements. They're both really good, and they need to keep progressing exactly as they are, not neuter themselves because a few people got mad on Twitter.

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He's less weird but has the same natural honesty as someone like Bill Walton. It all feels natural, to the point where they sometimes call out commercials.

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She's a little less wordy, but she's able to indulge his silly moments while still keeping the broadcast on track. When he skates well, he breaks If they keep improving, they could eventually be considered among the strongest niche sport commentators on television, and there are very valid reasons for why they were so aggressive last night:

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