Taemin and NaEun spotted dating in Myeongdong! | Daily K Pop News Taemin and NaEun spotted dating in Myeongdong! | Daily K Pop News

Taemin and naeun dating for real, get all the stories behind k-pop stars here!

Well, some of you may wonder if the couple's love for each other is real.

Viewers egg Taemin and Naeun to date

Well, but it depends on who it is. Besides, Naeun is too conservative and boring for his taste.

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He's not into submissive girls with few words spoken either. For example, a female cast who appeared in the program looked like she really liked her partner.

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As I mentioned above, intended situation and reality are mixed in the program, and that's why the program has been so popular among people because it makes people confused between imaginary world and reality. They plan surprise events and confess love. He reminds me of Yonghwa who was basically frustrated and tired of Seohyun and was actually seeing somebody else instead.

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On the basis of the scripts, the cast prepares for clothes, accessories and more. They just include general explanation of situation. But, actually, she was dating somebody else in the real world at the time, while her real boyfriend was one of the most popular Korean stars.

That radio show during DG era when dj asked him if he had a gf, his answer sounded suspicious.

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