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Totally addicted to it right now! One would think that after having been in SNSD for so long, and having been out in the entertainment world for at least 3 years, she would at least have become more outspoken and talkative. Just had to check it out.

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I honestly like YongHwa's personality. All of these belong to the Solanaceae, or deadly nightshade, family and, as the name suggests, all of the leaves and stems of these plants are poisonous.

Of course he was so much more better than Kim Hyung Joong in BOF, who literally just made my eyes roll every time he appeared on screen, but still, Jung Yong Hwa was just… erm… there to be a plot device for me.

That aside, I think the Sweet Potato couple is being portrayed in the same if not similar light, with 2 people coming together as totally polar opposites.

Blue has a pretty solid voice there, albeit a bit croaky towards the end. I really appreciate YongHwa's efforts in reading those books You can grow your own potatoes at home from any potatoes, but getting hold of seed potatoes is the best way.

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And all along the way there, there were so many cute and funny albeit awkward interactions between them that it was impossible not to giggle and laugh about. The plant is classified as an herbaceous perennial vine with heart-shaped leaves and open trumpet-shaped flowers.

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I totally LOLed when he asked one of his C. XD End of rant.

Date Candied Sweet Potato Casserole

Both the potato and the sweet potato are tuberous foods that grow underground, they both originated in the same area of the world — that is, South America — and they both contain starches and other vitamins. That is where the similarities end. I'm so loving them! Potatoes are ready to collect after the plant has flowered and has died down.

Gosh he totally surprised me, because I totally did not expect him to be the playful, cheerful and friendly kind of guy, and sometimes, flirtatious too.

The new plant grows from the eye of the potato.

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