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After going one full year without hearing a peep about a new Super Smash Bros. A Nintendo Direct stream on August 8 also added a lot of new tidbits and changes to the entry.

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Different voice actors fill this role in different games in the Smash Bros seriesbut the primary voice actor is the English voice actor, and is used by default in the NTSC verisions, as well as Japan.

Dean Harrington "Super Smash Bros. Available as both a boy or girl character with dozens of clothing and style choicesthe Inkling's attacks all revolve around the different weapons available in Splatoon and inked opponents take more damage from attacks.

There are plenty of characters that have become staples in the series such as Mario, Peach, Captain Falco and Kirby and others such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Ryu and Pac-Man that have come and gone over the years.

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Third-parties have also started to take notice with the addition of 2 non-Nintendo characters and multiple non-Nintendo items and stages. Some of the new items include a single-shot Banana Gun, a Death's Scythe that does more damage to low-health fighters, and a Ramblin' Evil Mushroom that temporarily reverses your enemy's control system.

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Ridley, meanwhile, was only appeared briefly in Nintendo's E3 Direct, and it seems as though he will be a very aerial-focused character with dive bomb moves. Another character request is a more recent one but we love it just as much — LaboMan. Cashman's voice acting is distinct for many reasons: Harrington's voice was filtered to echo similarly to Manning's voice, but is much more muffled; because of this effect, Harrington's voice had drawn criticism from fans for being too quiet and indistinct.

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There'll also be a new Stage Morph mode, which allows players to teleport their fighters to a new location halfway through a match. Mobus also incorporates personality in his acting, such as his inflection when announcing Bayonetta.

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Here's the initial teaser from the March Nintendo Direct and it's a good one. So many stages Smash Bros Ultimate is set to almost double the number of stages seen in recent games. Dean Harrington would also establish the trend of the Announcer voicing Crazy Hand as well.

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As we mentioned, the previous entry in the series had 58 characters including on-disc ones and DLC and that's been upped to 65, thought not all of them have been announced so far.

Alongside the E3 reveal of the space pirate Ridley, there's a lot of fan service going on, and we're very here for it.