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Such a flirt hydrating body cream, corporate info

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After the oil mixture has cooled, blend oils, slowly adding the aloe vera mixture. Only members can add a comment.

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Really would like to get the full size givebysisley Ms. I also got a fragrance mist in Pure Dream- a blend of fresh pearl orchid and pink orchid conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile.

I know exactly what is in it!

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My skin is super dry during this time of year. I am a man and while the scent does not repulse me personally, my partner does not necessarily enjoy it.

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It has a very, very thick and rich formula that immediately makes my skin feel soft, smooth and just dreamy. It leaves the skin feeling very, very smooth and silky.

Place melted oils into a blender or mixer and allow to cool completely this is the really hard part!

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I went for Sheer Love just because I love this scent so much and Simply Breathless-combo of fresesia and mandarin, which is a new one for me. The downside of this product, for me, is the powdery scent.