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An infuriated Bormental attacks Sharikov and, after a short but violent fight, subdues him. After the Russian revolution is thoroughly in place, he is visited by the housing committee, who feels that he should share the spaciousness his "big" five-room apartment with several others.

Heart of a Dog (1988) - Movietube

After his transition to human is complete, it turns out that he inherited all the negative traits of the donor - bad manners, aggressiveness, use of profanity, heavy drinking - but still hates cats. He finds out too late he is needed as a test animal: After he becomes a member of the housing committee, he wangles a room in the professor's apartment.

The movie is based on the story by Mikhail Bulgakov, which was very hard to find in Russia up until the perestroika. After people began reading it for the first time, they were amazed to discover how daringly he had criticized the emerging Soviet system.

He then demands that Sharikov immediately leaves the apartment for good. Bormental, see all their efforts to reform Sharikov fail.

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Meanwhile, in an experiment he implants a dog with the heart and brain of a tramp. Sharikov angrily refuses and draws a revolver. Sharik proceeds to become more and more human during the next days.

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To his content he is left to live in the professor's apartment. Preobrazhensky and his friend and assistant, Dr.