Saturday Night Live - Season 0, Episode The Best of Cheri Oteri - Saturday Night Live - Season 0, Episode The Best of Cheri Oteri -

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Cheri Oteri was an enjoyable member of the late-Nineties SNL cast, but the choice of sketches for The Best of Cheri Oteri don't do a very good job of properly showcasing her talents.

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While those are amusing, her good Debbie Reynolds impression is trapped in a terrible sketch called Leg Up with Molly Shannon as fellow hoofer Ann Miller. By Peter Schorn Last year, I reviewed a collection of INXS videos and noticed that when viewed one after another, certain recurring visual gimmicks became far more noticeable than they had over the years of their original release.

Cabin with Christopher Walken: Abrams on a sitcom idea. Swarvoski Crystals - https: Her mimicry skills are showcased in a montage of her appearances as Barbara Walters and on a Judge Judy spoof which features an appearance from the real Judge Judy.

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Guest host Sarah Michelle Gellar gets into the spirit of things nicely. Phillip the Hyper Hypo Two kids bond on the playground. Meet the Band Jimmy Fallon, playing Beethoven, introduces the orchestra.

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Ronnie and Clyde- https: Also quite raunchy is Office Flirt in which a tube-topped, big-haired Oteri disgusts the people who are trying to eat in the break room with her single-entendre comments.

Watch it, you'll be sofa king happy!

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Cork Soakers A tour of a winery is fulled with double entendres. His roommate, country music songwriter Richard Fagan was charged with the murder.

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