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The script is full of delightful easter eggs and throwback references for some of the more hardcore Star War fanatics. Check out these examples: In short, Fractionation is a way of putting a girl into a waking trance.

All in all the film was an entertaining cinematic experience, if not for the action and humor alone.

‘Daddy Issues’ Is a Sexy New Addition to L.A.’s Gay Nightlife (Photos)

His father is the same way. I'm still surprised at how much kids love the book, since I thought I was writing a book for adults, even if I was trying to keep it all-ages friendly.

For example, Haley, 22, cut her emotionally abusive father out of her life when she was in high school, and told the guy she was dating in college the entire story.

Sessions of therapy or counselling is the only way that the knot of pain and loss from abandonment by her father can be unravelled and she can become emotionally healthy for a meaningful relationship. It was initially used almost exclusively to describe men who had fearful or distrusting relationships with their fathers, but was eventually decoupled from gender after psychologists began to more widely acknowledge that both men and women could have either positive or negative father complexes.

Having been abandoned by her father in childhood or suffered from his neglect, she does not find herself worthy of being loved by any other man — after all if her own daddy could not love her, why should any other guy.

For most Star War fans there is a deja-vu quality to the plot, as it strongly resembles that of a New Hope. In other words, it depends on the individual and their past. As adults such women often turn out to be insecure, hungry for attention and even sexually promiscuous.

Moreover, even women who genuinely struggle with the lasting impact of their poor relationships with their fathers report that the phrase is used to dismiss and gaslight them. One is a normal, healthy, caring relationship.

The reception to Darth Vader and Son was pretty overwhelming -- what was the most interesting response you got?