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His boyfriend currently resided in Los Angeles and they first met each other on the set of television show Regin.

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Conde had a choice — to lose his head or put a crown on it. They love building your hopes up and then just devastating you.

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He loved her for episodes before that happened, and not only that, but he had done everything for Francis and Mary.

Hopefully, Toby and I have some more bickering scenes. People were adamant that Conde had taken advantage of her and I think that that was unfair. But people picked up on it as someone taking advantage of a woman at her lowliest point — and we were all incredibly adamant that was not the case.

So any time it felt like this was far out for Conde, and Megan had to understand this as well, this is a world of realms: But I think they all now might share a mutual hatred for Mary, Queen of Scots.

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That has to feel pretty good. True love never fades. Mary became an empowered woman from that. Mary and Francis are getting their moment to kind of bask in their marriage again.

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He is a demon. Kenna is not in the castle at present and has gone off to give birth to an illegitimate love child. She seeks me for my realm.