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It can suggest topics for investigations and also veto planned projects.

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Investigation results on the website[ edit ] Stiftung Warentest's website has all the investigation results starting inas well as current news, special online articles, an interactive calculator and free short versions of between eight and ten investigations per month.

After the tests and the evaluations have been completed, micah sloat dating before publication, details of the objective results are sent to the respective manufacturers and providers for verification and so that they can make their comments.

Test samples are purchased anonymously in shops and not provided by the manufacturers. In contrast, bad ratings and verdicts frequently lead to a decline in sales and thus sometimes legal action against SW by the manufacturers.

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Investigated services are used covertly by trained mystery shoppers. It was established in by the German federal parliament with the aim of helping consumers by providing impartial and objective information based on the results of comparative investigations of goods and services.

Up until DecemberStiftung Warentest had already published information about 5, investigations covering aboutproducts and 2, services. A continually updated database provides a comprehensive comparison of equity funds, loans and savings interest rates each month.

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Books Stiftung Warentest offers an extensive range of books about topics such as health and nutrition, the home and garden as well as finance and legal issues.

Staff members who are specifically responsible for verification make sure the published reports and investigation results concur. The paid circulation totalscopies. Independent, external labs are then commissioned to carry out the tests on behalf of the foundation.