Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

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The original, by presenting stories that were virtually races against time, managed to keep the thrill in every single chapter, and therefore the interest in knowing how those stories unfolded. That typical Saint Seiya storyline is abandoned here.

Instead, the bar patrons are dressed like American cow-boys from the late NSFW in this case, refers to ecchi. Lastly, Alone, Sasha's brother and a boy with a very pure soul, was the chosen human being by Hades to make use of his body as his vessel.

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Posting Pictures - Limit comments to a maximum of 3 images or less. The Extra Track is an epilogue set about years later.

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Libra Characters state that the Holy War ended since at least 11 years. The TOEI team just didn't make them justice, and it came to be very dissapointing after spending so much time with a ton of less-relevant episodes and some irrelevant enemies during the middle.

By contrast here, leaving that sequential treatment aside, the second half starts feeling uninteresting, because every episode starts feeling disconnected to the previous and following ones, what then causes some intrigue to be lost. The gold saints that receive the most attention are Dohko of Libra, who's Tenma's grandmaster, and Shion of Aries who are besides the only characters also present in the original series.

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Anachronisms The stories are set around the yearbut the characters often wear clothes from the next centuries, as well as show advanced scientific knowledge. One of the aspects this installment improves with respect to the original series is definetely in regards to characterization and character development.

The same as the original series, main characters have some female-warrior company; in the original they were Marin and Sheena, while in this occasion is Yuzuriha, who eventually joins Tenma and Yato's team.

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These warriors wear "cloths"; armours made of rare and very resistant materials, which have the shape of the "concept" of each warrior; in the case of the saints, greek constellations for example, the Leo warrior, representing the constellation of Leo, wears a cloth with the shape of a lion.

Thanatos, god of death, and Hypnos, god of dream. Furthermore, during that dialogue they talk about atoms the way science describes them since the mid Century, and an image of atoms shows them the way they are depicted since the s only.

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