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Right angle washer hookup water, water is a human right

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A drain pipe is located near the faucets or sink at a level lower than the height of the washing machine. If it is NOT grounded, check for broken wires from the theta to the card cage and from the spindle brushes to the card cage.

If you are not familiar with this procedure, please call GTS and we can help you with this.

The Height of Washer & Dryer Hook-Ups

Unplug the Thermistor Unit from the top of the Z axis unit Just above the spindle. Replace the wheel mount nut by turning the wheel mount spanner tool clockwise while holding the torque wrench Remove the wheel mount spanner tool from the torque wrench Attach the cooling Block to the spindle using the two securing screws.

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Repair or replace as needed, call GTS for further assistance. A gas line located at floor level near the outdoor dryer vent connects to the inlet valve on the back of the dryer. Reconnect the chain front mount. Replace the rear side upper left panel. If so, what is the part number and where can I get it?

Connect the Z casting cover with the bellows. Please contact GTS and let us know what you need. Motor Control Card Of the three different types of boards that we had listed as the likely suspects, the motor control boards tend to be the most common failure.

The motor control card is usually the only board that there is more than one of in the machine, they will have two black plastic rectangular connectors and one small white connector going to them.

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Ironically, I just had to go through this ordeal myself. Assuming that the chuck is grounded properly in the first step, turn off the power and open the card cage. Make sure to screw the Carbon Brushes back in place. Manually move the Y axis all the way to the back of the system the home position.

Remove the rear side upper left panel.

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