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In our work, we go by the maxim that the progress of technology cannot in any way jeopardise the health and comfort of our clients. I am really happy with the way I and my family were treated right from the consultation to the post operative care.

The surgeon controls flap diameter, depth, hinge location and width, and side-cut architecture — factors that can be varied per patient. The day before treatment and on the day of the treatment itself, you should refrain from using cosmetic products such as face creams and lotions, as well as makeup and perfume as this can increase the risk of infection or contamination of the surgical area.

Overoperations have been performed worldwide since SMILE method was introduced inwhile its high degree of efficiency and safety have been confirmed by large-scale investigations. I just called up at their office and inquired about the procedure. Other 3 were anti-biotic and allergy resistant drops.

Relex smile eye surgery

Shilova Clinic, and by Prof. Powers that could be corrected: You will be given antibiotic eye drops that must be taken five times a day for a week and artificial tears can be applied as required. Chaudhary is actively involved in his field and is a member of multiple professional organizations.

It is best if the clinic uses a large number of various modern methods and proven treatment procedures. This device causes the majority of LASIK complications and can be unpredictable even in skilled hands. There is no blurriness during the day and is almost perfect.

We will schedule a comprehensive initial examination for you.