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CEO of Omnitoons Pte. When deposits of arsenopyrite become exposed to the atmosphere, usually due to mining, the mineral will slowly oxidize, converting the arsenic into oxides that are more soluble in water, leading to Acid mine drainage. Arsenopyrite in older literature may be referred to as mispickel, a name of German origin[1].

The connectivity of the atoms is more similar to that in marcasite than pyrite. Amongst the first group of Bitcoin miners and enthusiastic in China, starting in When arsenopyrite is heated, it becomes magnetic and gives off toxic fumes.

Consequently it serves as an indicator of gold bearing reefs. Ltd, a Singapore-based company, which produces enterprise-grade mobility solutions with key technology partners like VeriFone and Good Technologies.

It is a hard Mohs 5. In terms of its atomic structure, each Fe center is linked to three As atoms and three S atoms. The ion description is imperfect because the material is semiconducting and the Fe-As and Fe-S bonds are highly covalent.


Arsenopyrite also can be associated with significant amounts of gold. A cobalt -rich variety is known as danaite named after mineralogist James Dana. Co-founder of a social media startup. Co-founder and CTO of Stashimi. Expert in managing Chinese videos on various overseas video platforms, first-hand knowledge of video distribution, data analysis and content licensing.

Vice President of global sales at Nero.