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RNI2 broadcast for a few days and then went off the air. The jamming stopped when the ship returned to the Netherlands, taking up position just one mile from the Norderney.

Wi Fi, 3G, 4G etc. RNI offered its facilities, but Veronica refused because of the bad blood between them.

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Radio Bulgaria Online version 1. In October that year Capital Radio was launched on the same frequency. RNI's management claimed the new service had been launched to prove that RNI could broadcast additional frequencies in case of emergency, but it was widely seen by listeners as a tongue-in-cheek rivalry aimed caroline fishpool dating poaching Veronica's listeners.

In his final speech DJ Rob Out said "Part of the democracy in the Netherlands is dying with the closure of Radio Veronica and that is a tragedy for the country". If you have any radio or station that is of interest and that is not on the list, you can request it through contact and we will be working on it They download it and try it now yourself completely free, they are super-good Do it now!

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RNI's management became unhappy with this arrangement, and once the two months were up one of RNI's Swiss directors, Erwin Bollier, attempted to refund the money.

Just click the green Download button above to start. Although power did not guarantee RNI an audience, Radio Veronica's management were sufficiently worried about loss of advertising revenue that they planned to put RNI off the air. Veronica had been considering a new frequency since the late s, and the threat of increased interference made a change imperative.

Verweij denied any intention of endangering the lives of RNI's crew but was found guilty together with Jurgens and the crew of the dinghy. You can listen to all stations without the need to have in your pocket or carry around a receiver or FM radio It is advisable for the good use of this app a fast internet connection for maximum application performance: At noon on 30 SeptemberVeronica broadcast a half-hour retrospective documentary.

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In August the station acquired a new ship, a converted fishing trawler named MV Norderneyand equipped it with a more efficient antenna and a kilowatt transmitter, as well as an anchor designed to keep it correctly oriented.

Radio Caroline had already decided to continue, as it had in although as a precaution the ship moved to a new anchorage to reduce the likelihood of a "raid" by Dutch authoritiesand after some debate, Radio Mi Amigo also decided to stay on the air.

Unfortunately on 2 April the Norderney lost its anchor in a storm and ran aground on Scheveningen beach. All five were sentenced to a year in prison.