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Although the station ended regular service init has been maintained as a World Heritage Siteand makes at least two demonstration transmissions yearly, on This is another AM broadcasting band in Europe and parts of Asia.

It launched first on 30 September and was originally created as the BBC home service.

About Radio 4

It now contains a more detailed history of alternator development, and a list of stations that used the devices, plus a history of the fate of some of the machines. A good source of information about longwave reception techniques, stations currently being heard, and experimental stations currently being heard is the Longwave Club of America LWCA.

These stations are capable of covering an entire European nation like France or Germany with reliable signals around the clock.

New Article on Alexanderson Alternators With the SAQ World Heritage site at Grimeton, Sweden, recently operating the only surviving Alexanderson alternator to mark Alexanderson Day, it is especially appropriate that the Wikipedia article on Alexanderson alternators has received a significant update as of May Also, static crashes from thunderstorms can be severe, especially in summer.

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A number of programmes are broadcast only on Radio 4 Long Wave and are not available on demand through iPlayer, but you can listen again using the links below where the programmes are available in Windows Media and Flash.

Programmes transmitted live include Today, magazine programme Woman's Hour, consumer affairs programme You and Yoursand often the music, film, books, arts and culture programme Front Row. You can also write to our programmes using the following address: These systems were known variously as Linjesender, Telefonrundspruch or Wire Broadcasting however these systems were phased out with the introduction of ISDN and later ADSL and it is believed that there are no longer any in operation[citation needed].

After receiving a report, the sending station may mail the listener a QSL card to acknowledge this reception.

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It can be therefore used as frequency standard. For a time during the s Radio 4 carried regional news bulletins Monday to Saturday.