Poison Ivy And Harley Quinn Poison Ivy And Harley Quinn

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They went to prison still as friends. However, when all was said and done, it was not to be, as Harley betrayed the group by breaking into Arkham Asylum to kill the Joker but instead, decided to free him.

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As it turned out, in the end, Catwoman saw something good in both Harley and Ivy, and tried to reform them, even working out a deal with Batman in which he would leave the pair alone while she worked with them.

However, the earthquake caused everyone to abandon the asylum, allowing Quinzel to escape and join up with the Joker in the process adopting a costume and the name Harley Quinn. Despite all of that, Harley still ended up going back to the Joker.

Harley Quinn x poison ivy

The most likely candidate is Poison Ivy, as she actually was a part of the comic series of the same name. The disaster was what first led Dr. When Poison Ivy confronted her, Harley cut Ivy to the bone by revealing tshe knew the truth: They naturally escaped, and the three had a big battle, after which they all went their separate ways Ivy had seemed to come to terms with the fact that she did love Harley, but it was unclear if it was romantic love or platonic love.

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Harleen Quinzel to the Joker as Harley Quinn, as her origin was basically the same as the cartoon, only she was put into an asylum when she let the Joker go.

During their time together, Ivy injected Harley with a chemical that gave her the same resistance to toxins that Ivy had. By that point, however, Harley and Ivy had become a standard accepted team-up. Harley and Ivy teamed up a few more times in this iteration of the Batman cartoon.

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