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A C Dalton for your Liberator. We have some people who have already been testing it out in Alpha, and thus far I've heard it has some serious potential.

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For instance, tank cannon weapons can be bought for slaughtering infantry or other tanks, but only the starting weapon is effective against both, just less so.

Put anti-air on the tail. Before you click commit be sure to find the blue trial button at the bottom, play with it for 30 minutes and get a feel for the weapon.

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I would strongly suggest the "high magazine size" brand of shotgun Sweeper, Nova nova is in the vanu inf bundleHaymaker. Ultimately, every cycle of Rend, anticipated to last one or two months each, will culminate in a massive war between the three factions, ending with an absolute victor.

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But what do you buy? I'm guessing we could fill out a person team to really give this game a shot.

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It should be noted that failing to win is largely unpleasant for your character: So what is the game exactly? The NC jackhammer heavy shotgun is barely better if at all that the common pool shotguns, certainly not better enough to justify unlocking 2 guns with cash, just get he sweeper I got the jack on half price yesterday btw, very lackluster.

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Underglow for your vehicles may make you look like a gangster, but it will also get you shot like one. Or for those of you who prefer text over videos, here is some info from the official Rend website: