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It's a pretty niche audience, let's be honest. At around level 50, Flynn joined the guild Roll Initiative and made friends with the Guild Master and her friends.

This limit is shared across all characters on the Battle. You can't use Battle. Buy one with gold from the Auction House, then use it to add money to your Battle.

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Like half the population are women. It costs the same on every realm. My name is Cernunnos, I will love you like no other, I have died a thousand deaths, each time I died I thought of you.

Oh how we laughed on vent. Of course it's a stupid statement, but it's based in some truth, due to the rise of attention whores it's always best to assume they're a 40 year old man until sufficient proof is provided.

Still at least I don't have to watch people dragging their drunken "booty" over some guy's crotch while dreary music pounds my brain cells into suicide.

Likewise, if any character is holding a Token purchased from the Auction House, that player will not be able to purchase a Token from the in-game Shop. This does not mean the number of players, nor the number of actively played characters.