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Women's Onitsuka Tiger

There are currently 17 stores open in Korea, and one overseas store in Brooklyn, New York. This excellent collection of ladies footwear boasts an eye catching look and a distinctively comfortable fit, a superb combination for any woman who values both hitoshi adatingnest and functionality and seeks to have the best of both worlds throughout her wardrobe.

Bright colours and an iconic logo produce a style unlike any other, and because Onitsuka Tiger women's shoes were originally made with the intention of encouraging an active, positive lifestyle, a tremendous degree of care and attention to detail goes into their creation to ensure that they are nothing but a joy to wear.

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The shoes are also hand-sewn—meaning each shoe is unique from one another. This brand is unique for its handmade products using high-quality leather to help satisfy the aesthetic needs of women. The brand is recognised for its distinctive and sophisticated designs that have led fashion designers to respect its creations.

Send us an email at: The brand is an abbreviation for Rhythm Footwear. A huge variety of colours and designs can be found here at Zalando, but whichever you fall in love with and choose for yourself, Onitsuka Tiger women's shoes cannot be mistaken for anything else.

Discover your own style in Onitsuka Tiger women's shoes The Onitsuka Tiger brand has a long and detailed history, which culminates today in a design that is perfectly unique and wonderfully creative.

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This was followed by a release of a cosmetic brand called 3CE in The brand is currently being sold worldwide. With a huge following of women in their twenties, they create designs of plain yet fashionable shoes that are wearable on a daily basis.