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Fanatical Skepticism Fe que no duda es fe muerta. The wretched consciousness shrinks from it own annihilation, and just as an animal spirit newly severed from the womb of the world, finds itself confronted with the world and knows itself distinct from it, so consciousness must needs desire to possess another life than that of the world itself.

And this God, the living God, your God, our God, is in me, is in you, lives in us, and we live and move and have our being in Him.

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To say that everything is God, and that when we die, we return to God, or more accurately, continue in Him, avails our longing nothing; for if this indeed be so, then we were in God before we were born, and if we die we return to where we were before being born, then the human soul, the individual consciousness, is perishable.

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He called the battle cry of the elite Spanish Legion —"Long live death! Science is a cemetery of dead ideaseven though life may issue from them.

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Only thus is it possible to understand how in God we live, move, and have our being. The Man of Flesh and Bone[ edit ] It has often been said that every man who has suffered misfortunes prefers to be himselfeven with his misfortunes, rather than to be someone else without them.

Identity, which is death, is the goal of the intellect.

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And lastly, Pius IXthe first Pontiff to be proclaimed infallible, declared he was irreconcilable with the so-called modern civilization. Whosoever will investigate the memorials of primitive times will find this ideal of woman in its full force and purity; the Universe is woman.

And there is no place for hope once possession has been realized, for hope, desire, is killed by possession.

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