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No subtitles, sadly, but take a look at the trailer below. Ramon Barea stars as the disheveled negotiator at the center of the story - a role that won him raves after the Spanish premiere - and with the arrival of the first trailer for the upcoming theatrical release of the film it's not at all hard to see why critics were so taken with the film in general and Barea in particular.

Tweet 0 Submit Basque writer-director Borja Cobeaga is having himself quite a year.

Negociador (2014) by Borja Cobeaga

The dramatisation, which is minimalistic, poor and nigh-on inane, does not help to raise the spirits of a film that eventually becomes a banal sketch, akin to an episode of the weekly sketch comedy show Vaya semanita broadcast on Basque public television — which Cobeaga directed years ago — or a short film from his early years as a filmmaker.

But the dialogfar from a professional and solemn processis really influenced by misunderstandingserrors and chance. This man, who cannot even work out how to use a mobile phone, is entrusted with the task of going to a French hotel to initiate discussions with a representative from the terrorist group.

Borja is a director and writer, he was born in 1. Because at the end of the day, that was what it was all about: So, yes, monstrous commercial and critical successes in the same year aint so bad.

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Translated from Spanish Did you enjoy reading this article? The cast is frankly wellsuch as Ram. But the dialog is strongly influenced by wrongs and double languageleaving the personal relationships of the negotiators as key to its result.

Negociador de Borja Cobeaga es un drama con tintes de comedia basado en hechos reales en el que un pol Negociador Year Running Time 80 min. Manu Aranguren Ramon Barea stars as the disheveled negotiator at the center of the story is the contact person from the Spanish government in the negotiations with terrorist group ETA represented by Jokin Josean Bengoetxea and subsequently Patxi Carlos Areces.

First out of the gate he served as a co-writer on Spanish Affair, a little comedy that became the top grossing Spanish film of all time on its release.

There, with all his best intentions, and all the friendliness and cheerfulness in the world, he will attempt to steer his peace-seeking mission through to a successful conclusion. This is a light comedy dealing with a government negotiator who attempts to agree with terrorist group ETA. He a good filmmaker expert on comedies as he has proved writing several amusing flicks.

It is a simplesympathetic and intelligent portrait of a few people during an important politic meeting.