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He comes across as fairly naive and harmless, the words 'cute' or sometimes 'adorable' get passed about a lot in reference to him.

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However, his parents become annoyed with supporting him for sitting around doing nothing, and forced him to go out and find a job, which led him to Narimiya Hiroki's shop, Atelier Hero.

Kento was never the perfect student in school. Hiroki and Kento spend most of their time bickering but both seem to respect each other all the same. Kento was drawn in by the cafe downstairs, and eventually charmed Hiroki into giving him a job.

And even once he was there, he was continually getting into trouble for joking around and chattering with his friends in class, for being disruptive.

Kento is, on the outside, and mostly on the inside, a typical boy of his age; always looking for the next bit of mischief to get into, always full of energy, always with that wide cheeky smile on his face.

Amongst his close friends or family, or when he's alone, he can become quite serious and philosophical and older than his sixteen years, and is often referring to the future and what he will do when he's "old enough" to.

When he was sixteen, much to the disappointment of his parents, he dropped out and currently spends his time playing video games, spending time with his friends, and continuing to learn English the one subject he enjoyed and paid attention to at school.

Nakajima Kento

Underneath though, he can be quite different, if he needs to be, or if he feels like being. He dreams of his own apartment and car and earning his own money, and most of all he dreams of sharing them with someone else, road trips to the beach He always had trouble getting up in the morning, hitting the snooze button on his alarm until his mother finally came to drag him out, meaning he was late most days.

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But that's not to say that he really wants it all just yet, because what he loves most of all right now is having fun, with his friends and with any romantic encounters that happen to come his way unless they turn out to be a guy He now spends his days looking after the place when Hiroki is in his workshop, and eating food made for him in the cafe by Ai, who has practically adopted him.

While he was far from being stupid, he just didn't have the attention span or the inclination to sit still and listen for an hour at a time.