14 Scary Looking Dog Breeds That'll Make Criminals Think Twice 14 Scary Looking Dog Breeds That'll Make Criminals Think Twice

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These dogs often grow very large some males exceed pounds and are quite protective of their home and pack, but they look like big teddy bears.

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I had a dog who barked at brooms because one fell on him once when he was a pup, and Mort — the dog with the collar thing — still looks at them funny. It is important to note that while many pit bulls are very protective, many professionals consider pit bulls to be too friendly to be used for proper protection work.

If you are still concerned, inform the vet.

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And the second thing is to just keep track of things your pup is sensitive to so you can work on confidence with those triggers. If you push him over the threshold, he may regress rather than improve, and things may get more challenging.

All from a silly horn!

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In this list of top most scary dogs, we will take a look at four of the most commonly discussed canine culprits. Whether you want to give an air of serious business to your fur baby, or you just love a serious name.

Thankfully, canines tend to be very telling when it comes to their emotions.

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The same could be said of numerous other, non-intimidating breeds. Sure, he had moments where he appeared to calm down.

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Akira — bright or clear Haruki — haru means spring, while ki means radiance Hikaru — light or radiance Isamu — bravery or to be inspired by courage Kaito — kai means the sea and to refers to the constellation Ursa Major.

Dogo Argentinos require a lot of exercise to remain healthy, and they need plenty of attention from their family to avoid depression and the development of destructive behaviors.

How to Calm Your Scared Dog

Opposing advocate groups have presented arguments both for, and against, policies surrounding traditionally aggressive dogs.

They can also be somewhat difficult to train and a bit stubborn. German shepherds occasionally approach the pound mark, but most are closer to 80 or 90 pounds.

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