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As his starting point Kundera shows us an elderly woman performing an alluring gesture she had used as a young girl. He is surprised these two characters know each other. Hemingway is unhappy that his books have become eclipsed by the innumerable biographies of his life.

Elderly women for most of us are no less capable of performing charming gestures than anyone else.

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Two of the main tropes of his novels are present and correct, in the first page and a half: And ultimately, in death, we become how people remember us. The middle-period books, however, are the ones that saw Kundera finding not just his distinctive literary voice but his perfect form.

Was it because they coincided fleetingly with the zeitgeist, or do they embody something more robust and enduring?

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Why did those books seem so urgent, so indispensable at the time? Guitars and motorbikes especially cited as enemies of civilised life.

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In one episode he has Goethe and Hemingway discuss their posthumous lives. Some of the most beautiful and haunting gestures I have seen have been performed by elderly people.

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Perhaps one test of a masterpiece is that it should improve on a second reading. Who else could the writer of this passage be than Milan Kundera?

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