Empathy Is Sexy: Why The Empathetic Male Will Always Get The Woman - the Urban Dater Empathy Is Sexy: Why The Empathetic Male Will Always Get The Woman - the Urban Dater

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Regardless if you are single or married, having the right set of spiritual tools will benefit you. When we have no interest in what we are hearing or who we are hearing it from we process the sounds differently and pay less attention; thus preventing us from listening.

And if she doesn't meet a man who understands this, it's far easier for her to go home alone.


Juan Santos is a professional counselor, private practice consultant and book author who specializes in relationship stability and understanding separation indicators. One thing I have learned is that people are really more understanding than we sometimes give them credit for.

Their journey for their own self-worth can often impact their relationships. As more people have come to appreciate the balance, others become threatened and go on the defensive. She'll date him because he's identified her as someone who will meet a need Sociopathic Traits: Of course, one can use both sympathy and empathy, for example: In order to truly appreciate the significance of proficient listening skills you must first recognize that verbal communication is a two-part process that's comprised of both listening and talking.

Merely listening to another person shows them that you care about what they are saying, which makes them trust you. Here is another story. Empathy, however, calls upon us to empty our mind and listen to others with our whole being.

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Both sides of the argument are screaming inside her conscience. This is the first time I have ever seen him cry.