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Number one, they supply me with photos of exes. I am so, I established my business in in Silicon Valley and I've been going on strong since. So, to do something that you're finding fulfillment out of I think will give yourself a lot of confidence but also, really intrigue this potential new woman in your life.

Actually, the two of them, they can actually maybe learn something together and fake their way through eating and enjoy the date that way versus just kind of maybe all of a sudden being paralyzed because he's not sure about the right wine or whatever it might be.

I would really want to see somebody having dated a lot and had a ton of fun in doing that and having lots of casual encounters and a few serious relationships and maybe even being previously married.

Yeah sure, I represent all ages. Like, "Oh my gosh, could he be the one, hopefully amongst all these guys I've had first dates with? Definitely, definitely, this is a service for people who are really ready for the next stage in their life.

Let's take a pause on this. It then segues to you having taken the necessary time to digest the date and subsequently reflect.

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Sometimes, I refer people to other services where I feel that maybe they're may not be the right fit for Linx but, they could be good elsewhere.

So, with her permission, I would show photos just for his viewing to see if she's somebody that he'd be interested in potentially meeting. Maybe about a year or so and then get pretty burnt out on that and then come to me saying, "I'm tending to attract these women" and I'm asking him, "Well, where are you finding those women?

I think it was maybe our sixth date or something. You've spoken a little bit about protocol in terms of going for the dinner date.