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They have a vigorous and healthy appearance with smooth skin, silky hair and large, expressive eyes - a regal appearance!

Gray is prominent, but chestnuts, blacks, bays, buckskins, palominos and pinto horses may also be found. The marcha is said by breed aficionados to be comfortable to ride.

Carneiro, a veterinarian and zoologist, was a friend and neighbor of the governor of Minas Gerais and future Brazilian president Juscelino Kubitschek and helped found a new breed association to preserve the original Marchador horse.

After Gabriel Francisco Junqueira was credited for the creation of the Marchador, he passed these unique horses along to his sons and nephews, who began their own breeding facilities, "the foundation farms. Breeders and researchers note that until at leastmost ranchers involved in the breed's development especially Junqueira Family members followed the baron's recommendations to fix the breed's marching gait, hardiness, endurance, health and temperament.

The Mangalarga Marchador does not trot or pacemoving from the marcha into a canter. Friction developed between those who wanted to maintain the breed's original objectives and those defending the new type. The breeding efforts resulted in a large, elegant animal, with aesthetic beauty, a docile attitude and excellent temperament for riding.

After Brazil, Europe has the highest population of Marchadors. For stallions the ideal height is centimetres The Baron was particularly known for breeding the Alter Real horses from Portugal with the native horses of Brazil, and soon a new breed was born, the Mangalarga Marchador.

Note the Mandalarga Marchador's triangular head and large, expressive eyes. Both gaits consist of moments of triple hoof support, which is what makes the gait smooth and easy to ride. Europe has the greatest population of Mangalarga Marchador horses outside Brazil.

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Not all coat colours are accepted for registration - appaloosa for example is not. By the 18th century, Don Joao VI found glory when the horses became sought after by the nobility in Europe. The Mangalarga Marchador is one of the most populated breeds in the world. Its founders wanted to establish a clear direction for breeding and define the breed's function and desired characteristics particularly the intended gait.