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And I'm a great cook. We haven't been dating long, but we're going to break up soon. We're going to lose this if we're not careful.

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To bad in this movie there's no romance any at all. Want to buy rice?

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Maybe because both of them are single and have a perfect age gap. You still have to make three more moves, Kwang Soo.

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Then you will race over to the center platform to stand on top of it without falling off. What did you just say? Let's go for five minutes of this. You're going to make her mad by referring to her as your insurance.

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I think she's adorable. I vow to find out who the couple is myself.

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We still have more games left to play. I think more than likely, it's Sae Young.

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I like being out in the farm. We have to succeed this time! Actor-singer Rain inspired Lee Jong Suk to become enter the world of acting.

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