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Well I am, but I do that before time in or while in the OC field. In addition, you can find the closest LARPs happening in your area.

Laurie Zolkosky, who has years of experience with live-action games and has started her own gamedescribes LARPing as: If your seam has come undone between events, then just fix it. Expensive, but hardly as expensive as the custom armour you most likely bought.

Each game has its own rules, setting, time limit, and weaponry.

Some Thoughts About Game Manuals

Typically, it takes a truly imaginative person to enjoy such a practice. Be in the same place as me. Someone gives a signal, and the battle begins. A scene is described, and players use the information given to them by the storyteller to decide how to respond.

The three most popular types of LARP consist of the battle game, theatrical game, and role playing game. Whether you enjoy individual battles or full-scale war, it is easy to find a LARP that suits your interests.

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And to be fair, occasionally I have to give kudos to some players who very creatively tell me that they want me to take their picture. If you wanted to create your own LARP, you could create any type of game to settle conflicts within the story.

I said something you might not do as often, did you LARP?!