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Me estuviste buscando la noche del crimen. As the Spaniards and their native allies reached the causeway, hundreds of canoes appeared in the waters alongside to harry them.

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The Tlaxcaltecas lost a thousand. He was working the night of the murder. Tell me what happened the night of the hurricane. Let's go back to the night of the wreck.

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Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. Tell me about the night of the fire.

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Before reaching the causeway, they were noticed by Aztec warriors known as the Eagle Warriorswho sounded the alarm. So let's talk about the night of the abduction, Colin.

The Spaniards fought their way across the causeway in the rain.

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In order to put the Aztecs off their guard, he sent messengers asking for a one-week ceasefire, at the end of which the Spaniards would return any treasure of which they were in possession and would be permitted to leave the city peacefully.

Aftermath[ edit ] Further battles awaited the Spaniards and their allies as they fought their way around the north end of Lake Zumpango.