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Alice and Dana form a warm and exciting throuple with Lara Perkins. What should I do with this really strong connection?

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A young widower, Tim Haspel, moves next door after having lost his wife Jenny in a tragic carnival accident. Move your leg away from his.

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I recently got together with some acquaintances for trivia night, and I found myself having splendid conversation and an instant connection to one of the girls, whom I already knew was gay.

Season One Bette Porter breaks up with long-time girlfriend Tina after learning that Tina objects to their using a black sperm donor.

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Sad queer novels, fixed. Bette dates her, and they wear a lot of color-coordinated power suits.

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That is a pattern that both baffles and alarms me and should concern you, as well. Alice finally meets Tasha. That means she likes you more than just a relationship-ender.

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Shane totally gets that, and supports her decision. Do I just back off, or do we stop seeing each other at all? Dana still dies, but at least Alice is in the room holding her hand when it happens.

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My issue is that after a month of hanging out and becoming very close with Dana, I have learned that she finds me attractive.

Good luck, Sugar Shoes.

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Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindi roll into town, and Carmen agrees to let Shane off the monogamy leash for a few days. Kit meets and falls for incredibly loyal nanny Angus Bradshaw, who is capable of fidelity and treats her like a queen.

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Local tennis player Dana Fairbanks embarks on a tentative relationship with sous chef Lara Perkins.