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The supoort staff is easily the best on any app I have dealt with and they all deserve the world. And by extension, weren't Jessica and Harvey suborning perjury by knowingly allowing Darby to talk about or testify to a conversation that they knew to be nonexistent?

8 TV duos who should just hook up already

It's similar to what I get as a performer on stage. What more could a man want? Plus, the only way to get dating experience is to go on dates. Among the show's many pleasures -- crisp yet expansive direction, snappy dialogue and a masterful performance from supporting actor Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt -- is a rather interesting exploration of where and why Harvey draws moral and ethical lines.

We are all just making it up! Is that what dating involves? Boy, were there options at HookUP. Tweet Pin Here's our list of the inevitable TV couples who just haven't made it happen yet. They knew the only way to get Ava off the hook for murders she had nothing to do with would be to make Darby realize he had to protect her.

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And encouraging perjury if that's actually what happened without at least stopping to discuss the ethics or ramifications of that, and without contemplating the reasons for doing that -- it seemed like a hitch in the proceedings.

Focus on the here and now and ask yourself what it is you even want from this girl, and from dating in general.

Harvey and Donna trust each other absolutely, and it tells you something about "Suits" that, despite their obvious attraction to each other, the show has never even shown them kiss they did hook up once, but it was off screen.