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Jeremias 6 16 ang dating biblia 1905. Jeremiah - this is what the lord says: “stand at the cross

What availeth mere ceremonial punctuality?

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Oh that men would be wise for their souls! When you have found the good way, go on in it, you will find abundant recompence at your journey's end.

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Ask for the old paths; the way of godliness and righteousness has always been the way God has owned and blessed. Of these old paths they were to choose that which was most distinctly "the good way," the way of righteousness, and therefore of peace and health also.

There as the following words state the Jews are to make inquiry as to the old paths. The people chose to travel still in the broad way that led them to destruction.

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The forsaking of God is not, in a true sense, a "way cast up" at all Jer Is it not well that they should stop and ask where the old paths literally, the eternal paths; the words going, as in Jeremiah Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers 16 Stand ye in the ways.

Image from travellers who have lost their road, stopping and inquiring which is the right way on which they once had been, but from which they have wandered.

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Antiquity gives a presumption of rightness; the ancients were nearer to the days when God spoke with man; they had the guidance of God's two mighty "shepherds" Isaiah Those are to be reckoned our worst and most dangerous enemies, who flatter us in a sinful way. The call, however, was in vain.

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These are the words of the Lord to the people, whom he would have judge for themselves, and not be blindly led by the false prophets and priests; directing them to do what men should, when they are in a place where two or more ways meet, and know not which way to take; they should make a short stop, and look to the way mark or way post, which points whither each path leads, and so accordingly proceed.

They were set upon the world, and wholly carried away by the love of it.

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