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Fortunately for everyone involved, it doesn't have many faults. If a sports car is designed to be fun to spend time roof-down on a winding road in the sunshine with friends and as a design object to look at and geek over, so is the Wrangler — but substituting B-road for rocky trail.

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The inch fording depth is engraved along with other stats on a panel on the inside of the tailgate for handy reference. This Wrangler, this iconic Jeep, exists because it's always existed, and this new one is the best one yet.

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There are three roof options availabe — Sky One-Touch canvas roof that slides back the full length of the car, Zipperless Premium Sunrider soft top and Freedom Top which has three solid panels that you can remove.

We drove a Sahara-spec Wrangler on normal tyres on an off-road trail that is relatively tame by Wrangler standards, but which would have been uncrossable in a regular car: As well as electric front and rear axle locks, the Rubicon version also features an electronic disconnect for the front anti-roll bar, enabling even greater angles of dangle for the front wheels to get over rocks, boulders and generally lumpy terrain.

The hardcore guys will say the old trucks had more character, but the casual off-road enthusiast won't mind the trade-off a bit.

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Rubicon versions wear chunky off-road tyres, which hum and whir like a London Underground train as speed builds and make the steering less than precise.

Within 50 feet, every concern I had about power and turbo lag had been scraped away along with the paint on the factory rock rails. Anything electronic within 76cm 30in of the ground is fully waterproof and the Wrangler had to pass a hour misting test that simulated being left out in a storm with the roof and doors off.

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It also is the one vehicle in the world that could properly surmount this ridiculous obstacle, and the Jeep folks wanted to prove it. A total of five million have found homes across all generations. Moving the shocks farther outboard and raising the roll center have seriously reduced the head toss and impact harshness in everyday driving.

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I didn't air down the tires, though; the Jeep people were so confident in the Wrangler they wouldn't let us. The entry-level Sport model tends to be wieldy when taken around town and tends to be unstable at certain speeds.