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According to a study by Pino Pisicchioa political scientist who was then deputy of IdV, However, due to its uncompromising anti-berlusconismo, IdV has been at times very popular among left-wing voters, a fact that was highlighted also by the increasing number of communists in party ranks [68] and often forms stable alliances with the parties of the far left at the local level, such as in the case of Luigi de Magistris ' election as mayor of Naples or in the regional election in Sicily.

On 30 May de Magistris was elected mayor of Naples by a landslide. This was a huge success for IdV and its main ally, the Federation of the Leftwhich together also gained the majority in the municipal council. From the results of the European election, IdV was the fourth largest party in the country.

In the last ballot Messina was elected with To see it from afar, it is the archetype of the typical hilltop village, with houses perched along the slope. The tower was outside the town and was probably the first stronghold to be conquered by King Federico III of Sicily, when in he reclaimed the feud from Roger of Lauria.

He was also appointed organisational secretary and Senate floor leader of the party. Michele La Rosa Leaving the village you will reach one of the most beautiful places in the town, where it endures what is perhaps the true symbol of Castiglione: The IdV candidate, who had received just There are many religious places in this small village, right next to San Pietro stands the eighteenth century church and the adjoining monastery of San Benedetto.

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Great Castle in Di Pietro added that "ELDR as the common house of European Liberals is the political home for us in terms of common convictions and a strong support for the cause of political freedoms in Italy".

You don't have to be shy, you have to say yes". Climbing up a steep and narrow road, you find yourself in front of the apse of the Church of San Pietro which dates back to The heart of every town is the square, in the case of Castiglione, piazza Lauria.

In fact the party's character is that of a "protest party" and it opposes many policies generally supported by liberals. After RC's debacle, Di Pietro resigned from party president. The Union narrowly won the general electionIdV scored a mere 2.