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I dated a senior boy, no in peoples eyes that isn't the same, but it worked just fine.

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Finally, be careful about statutory rape laws. In some other states, it's also extremely confusing. A college-age person is old enough to consider a potential life partner, but a freshman in high school needs the time of their high school experience to grow to that point.

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I refuse to believe that the exceedingly large number of senior boy-freshman girl hook-ups is due to interpersonal chemistry. What are your thoughts.

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Why do we think power imbalance is a problem if both parties consent to it? Yes, your GPA is cummulative.

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This person is leaving behind an environment that is thrust upon them by adults and entering one that is of their own choosing as they become an adult. There are so many beautiful people at Amherst.

The College treats freshmen differently because it knows, as I believe we all do intuitively, that freshman year is a time for growth.

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College represents a very significant change for the senior. Moreover, the age of consent differs from state to state and country to country, so it is impossible to provide a definitive answer without knowing where you live.

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