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I missed my Jury Duty, holy **** I'm an idiot...

A pleasant evening with good food and great company. And sometimes the idiocy propagates throughout the entire management team like a contagious superbug.

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I would not even delete the lurker from the group. On the one hand, if this person wanted to do something with the information he gleaned from our discussion making stuff public, blackmail, etc. And keep doing it over and over until you can't take it anymore.

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Vincent on Leigham What were you hoping for? For a free three-day trial of Soulmates, go to soulmates.

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Not that I'm saying you should, but before you drink yourself into oblivion, drive yourself nuts, or throw in the towel and move to a deserted island, you might consider actually saying something to your boss or someone in the chain of command. Would you meet again?

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We struck common ground in music, food and marathons. When my friend actually pondered if he should quit the Popsicle stand for a better position at an awesome, growing company, I thought, "OMG, the idiocy's gotten to him too!

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Especially if the third party doesn't realize that you have found out about their hack If you could change one thing about the evening, what would it be?